Business as (Un)usual

Howdy. How’s your week going?

If it’s anything like mine, you’re trying to get work done while figuring out how in the world to keep your loved ones safe, the best way to get groceries into your house, and somehow organize your children’s school schedule through Zoom – all while watching your toilet paper supply dwindling down to dangerous levels. This is not the spring I planned for.

The changes over the past few weeks have brought about real challenges. How people work and the services they deem “essential” have shifted radically. My expenses this month are very different than they were in February. After looking to the safety of our family and teams, many are concerned about how their businesses, schools, and brands will survive the pandemic – with good reason. As the economy sheds jobs and the movement of people and goods slows around the world, everyone’s business pipeline is experiencing severe whiplash. And still, the immediate demands of crying children will understandably pull your attention away from the pressing need to reimagine your marketing funnel.

Despite this multitude of challenges, opportunities exist. Innovation is born out of times of crisis and those who are listening to their customers and can pivot quickly will find a way to take advantage of the situation. Advertising rates are plummeting. Audiences are captive at home browsing the internet. The path for brand growth is open. This will be easier for some than others, no doubt, but I’m excited to build these opportunities. 

And so, to our current clients, know how grateful we are to have your continued trust. We know the field has shifted, but we are still here (well, technically, we’re at home) and committed to helping you navigate and find your opportunity in the crisis. I’ve already been impressed with our team’s ability to pivot and help our clients respond. 

I’ve seen our team help out in areas where we haven’t even been asked, just because they knew it was needed. We’ll keep doing this – lending a hand and going beyond what’s “in scope,” because that’s what people do when those around them need help. Our commitment to you is the same as it’s always been. 

If we haven’t worked with you yet, this is how we approach problems – proactively, collaboratively and empathetically.

As an agency working with dozens of partners, a big part of our job is staying ahead of the curve; seeing where marketing trends are headed; understanding client needs, audience preferences, new technologies, and market shifts. We help our partners see these trends and make the best decisions on how to react based on that data. Part of that has been adopting research-based methods for organizations to make better decisions quickly.

So while no one saw this coming, one thing we are used to dealing with is change. If there’s any way we can help your organization navigate this shift, whether you’re a current client or not, we’d love to talk through your situation with you, even if it’s just for advice or an opinion. And while we understand many costs are being trimmed, we’ll do our best to either find a solution within your budget, point you in the right direction so you can do it for yourself, or refer you to someone else who may be able to help.

While we at Electric Kite aren’t immune to the changes affecting everyone, we continue to move forward. Our work continues to get done and we are as motivated as ever to help our clients achieve their goals. Until this pandemic ends, we’ll be here building the innovations that will help us get through this mess, waiting for the time when we can see each other in person again. 

Until then, stay safe, stay positive, and stay home.