Jori Bonadurer photo

Jori Bonadurer 🍝

Project Manager

Rome, Italy

Want to get Jori talking? Ask her about living in Rome! Resident pasta-expert with a love of traveling & reading, the only thing she takes as seriously as al dente rigatoni is managing projects.

Maria Capalbo photo

Maria Capalbo 👽

Senior Ops & Project Manager Lead

Philadelphia, PA

Sprinkle 1 cup of a day-time PMP, 2 teaspoons of a night-time Gamer. Stir. Add in a foundation of Central Jersey (yes, it exists). Blend in a 1/2 cup of Philly. Bake. Pairs wonderfully with pizza, stir-fry, and a good fruit smoothie.

Tim Castagna photo

Tim Castagna 🧙‍♂️

Lead Developer I

Little Egg Harbor TWP, NJ

Web sorcerer by day, clay conjurer by night. Leading the code kingdom and sculpting a clay army. Pixel poet with a dash of humor.

Ashley Chapman photo

Ashley Chapman 🥁

Content Producer

Nashville, TN

Drum roll, please. From Michigan, NYC, & Nashville, Ashley creates and analyzes content every day while playing music and picking up strays!

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Rachael Dependahl photo

Rachael Dependahl 🍋

Admissions Associate Director

Philadelphia, PA

Enthused by higher education & a perfectly crafted iced oat milk vanilla latte. Can be found lacing up running shoes, listening to a podcast, petting a cat, and/or perusing Barnes & Noble

Matthew Edwards photo

Matthew Edwards 🤠

Art Director

Philadelphia, PA

Big fan of 12 column grids, 12 inch records, The 12 Days of Christmas, 12-year-old whisky, and wearing size 12 shoes.

Sez Giulian photo

Sez Giulian 🇧🇪

Director, Technology

Bruges, Belgium

A Philly chick who has since become a Belgian resident, Sez is a code lover, chocolate and wine connoisseur, musician, and marginal Dutch speaker.

Tom Kegelman photo

Tom Kegelman 🚴‍♂️

Partner, Strategy

Philadelphia, PA

Education guru by day, hot sauce wizard by night. Pedaling through life with a dash of spice. #Spicydad #brokenbrakes

Syreeta Lockett photo

Syreeta Lockett 🌸

Senior Project Manager Lead

Philadelphia, PA

Lover of fashion and style. Admirer of all things creative. Mom of one creative little person.

Mouhamed Ly photo

Mouhamed Ly 🏆

Senior Paid Media Specialist

Alexandria, VA

Fueled by his love for sports, history, and a green thumb, Mouhamed’s passion is dedicated to helping others achieve their aspirations!

Heather Magenta photo

Heather Magenta 🏕️

Senior Designer

Philadelphia, PA

Venturing on a design journey, Heather crafts masterpieces from pixels, blending adventure and creativity from wherever her travels (and truck) take me!

Josee Melan photo

Josee Melan 🦋

Account Manager

Minneapolis, MN

Pop culture fanatic & former soccer pro. Enjoys NPR Tiny Desk videos & dinner parties. Always ready to recommend what to read, watch or listen to next.

Paula Mestre photo

Paula Mestre 🫶🏻

Senior Director, UX

Valencia, Spain

Same UI for different audiences: passionate UXer, mum of dragons, infinite curiosity, traveler, karaoke song destroyer and radical candor ambassador.

Louis Miller photo

Louis Miller 🐄

Partner, Client Services

Philadelphia, PA

Louis is still looking to trade his cow for a handful of magic beans.

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Brooke Norris photo

Brooke Norris 🦩

Director, Enrollment Services

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Career in education and enrollment spanning ABCs to PhDs. Recently traded in snowflakes for sand grains in the Sunshine State. Find Brooke on the (east) coast juggling handfuls of seashells and my hot oat milk latte – yes, even if it’s hot out!

Ken Oum photo

Ken Oum 💻

Senior Developer I

Philadelphia, PA

Ken is a front-end developer and virtual reality madman. He is on an unrelenting quest to create the most immersive virtual reality experience ever by any gizmo necessary.

Nicole Reed photo

Nicole Reed 🧙🏻‍♀️

Managing Editor, Volt

Magnolia, TX

Wielder of Red Pens. Guardian of Grammar. Banisher of Oxford Commas. Devotee of Life-Giving Caffeine Potions. Commander of Hellhounds. #EditorialMage 

Kevin Renton photo

Kevin Renton 🧙🏼‍♂️


Philadelphia, PA

Serial publisher, recovering inbound marketer, part time golfer. Knows enough tech to make and break things. Fascinated by the creative process and all things Rick Rubin. 

Will Rieth photo

Will Rieth ✌🏻

Executive Director, Client Services

Kennett Square, PA

Lucky husband, father of two, with a passion for higher education, 6am long runs & basketball games – and the hapless Buffalo Bills

Steven Rivera photo

Steven Rivera 🐢

VP, Agency Operations

Philadelphia, PA

Abolisher of inefficiency and mediocrity. Vices include: donuts, wings, and fine bourbon. Product of Philadelphia. Father to the coolest f’n kid.

Latest from Steven: How To Write a Business Case (with Template Download)
Mark Rodenhauser photo

Mark Rodenhauser 🍻

Senior Account Manager

Philadelphia, PA

Bring your biggest dreams and complex problems, and work with Mark to create strategic success and celebrate with a homebrew, his specialty.

Madeleine Schneider photo

Madeleine Schneider 🌱

Senior Account Manager

Philadelphia, PA

Florida native who traded sunshine for snow. Lover of a good crossword puzzle, outdoor adventures, fresh ingredients, busy bookshelves and copious houseplants.

Dan Shepelavy photo

Dan Shepelavy 🧜‍♀️

Executive Creative Director, Creative Services

Philadelphia, PA

Model, social media influencer, Instagram personality, content creator, businessman, media figure, entrepreneur & executive creative director. Accepts bitcoin.

Becca Smith photo

Becca Smith 👩‍🎤

SVP, Marketing

Philadelphia, PA

Becca brings over 15 years of experience in strategy & marketing consulting and new project development. She’s partnered with organizations ranging from Fortune 100s to startups, to co-create solutions that meet organizational goals. She’s also an Assistant Professor of Business Strategy & Marketing at Temple University’s Fox School of Business.

Aaron Stern photo

Aaron Stern 📺

Senior Director, Content

Philadelphia, PA

Aaron is never content with his content and he doesn’t think you should be content with your content either.

Latest from Aaron: 7 UX Laws for Great Digital Experiences
Jess Stewart photo

Jess Stewart 🦁

Senior Project Manager Lead

Philadelphia, PA

Snacking on low-hanging fruit, circling back per her last email, never reinventing the wheel. Online PM. Offline dog mom.

Maryna Yankovska photo

Maryna Yankovska 👩‍🎨

Editorial Assistant, Volt

Brooklyn, NY

A digital nomad, enjoying everything creative: marketing, editing, crocheting, drawing. Aspiring 30 (countries visited) under 30.

Ali Zagat photo

Ali Zagat 🏋🏻‍♀️

Senior Copywriter

Philadelphia, PA

When it comes to seasoned writers, Ali’s the everything bagel; her experience spans industries, creative mediums, and various channels and platforms. Loves: powerlifting, strong coffee, bad puns, and her kids (not in that order). Staunch defender of the Oxford comma.