Introducing Electric Kite, Formerly eCity Interactive

Yesterday, we relaunched our agency. 

eCity Interactive is now Electric Kite. 

People: Same. Ownership: Same. How we work: Same. 

So what’s in a name, then? Actually, everything.

The “e” in eCity was so fresh when we started! And yes, does it ever scream Y2K Web-shop…because that is exactly what we were. A tech production shop launching websites and plugging everyone into the “e”.

25 years of building up technical chops & technique—it’s our foundation. And when I look out into the roiling uncertainty that is the future, tomorrow, or even three minutes from now, I realize it still is: designing & building complex things that work beautifully in challenging conditions. 

The only thing that’s different now, of course, is that everything’s completely different. All the cheese has been moved, all the apple carts have been upset, up is down when it isn’t up, and the speed of this change seems to be accelerating. 

So what hasn’t changed? The spirit, approach, and ethos of a group of good chums building complex things that work beautifully in challenging conditions. 

And while our foundation as a tech shop provides a profoundly strong anchor, the times called for a new spirit, a new energy, a new approach. New vibes, new skills, and new services; nimbleness, flexibility, curiosity, humility, confidence, radical transparency, close collaboration, and camaraderie.

And that, exactly, is what is behind our new brand (it’s not just a new name)—after a solid two-decade run, we’re off to new adventures in undiscovered country… a chance to soar. 

There’s a lot of things I love about our new identity. A nod to our past, to Philly, to the future. Sounds rad when you say it: Electric Kite. 

Ultimately, though, it’s about what a kite does—rise against the wind.

Let’s fly!