Meet Kevin Renton – eCity’s Director of Business Development

Kevin joined eCity in May of this year, and has already impacted not only our sales process, but how we manage our entire business. Also, he provides endless entertainment by refusing to abandon his Scottish colloquialisms by asking if he can “put time in our diaries” and the like.

Kevin Renton
Kevin tries out our latest virtual reality programming.
My Daily Routine at eCity:

I split my day into two parts: before lunch and after lunch.

The morning is focused on outreach and prospects – getting content out on social media channels, ensuring the buffer is loaded, and calling people from the previous day’s research and networking events.

Soon I’ll also work on drilling down into our inbound marketing process. I’ll blog more about it as we go through the stages. It’s something that I am looking forward to!

Lunch usually involves meetings or catching up on industry webinars. With eCity’s strength in higher education I really enjoy the webinars at Higher Ed Live.

My afternoons are all about research, building our target lists, and proposal writing. But as a client-focused agency we believe that all good plans have to be flexible and depend completely on the client’s needs. It was a British Prime minister that said the problem with a plan is ‘Events, dear boy, events’!

I also go to an average of two networking events each week. Philadelphia has a great tech scene and I really enjoy being active in the community. It’s great from a business development angle as I manage to connect with people when they are looking to connect, rather when they are distracted in their day to day.

My Resume at a Glance:

I have a degree in Finance and Technology from Herriot Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland. After graduation I worked in London for a number of consultancies before moving to Canada where I founded and published an arts and culture magazine for over 5 years. It was rock and roll, got to meet some cool artists and worked with a really strong creative team. I had a great time publishing; it really got me enthused about the power of creating engaging content. I am now living in Philadelphia where I worked for Delphic Digital during their continued growth spurt, and am now excited to be working with the team here at eCity Interactive.

If I had a week off, I’d spend it…

I have a pilot’s license but I haven’t flown in ages, and some of my licenses have expired. If I had a week off, I would probably get my accreditations up to date and go flying. Anyone up for a North Atlantic ferry flight? Having said that, I did spend last weekend lying by the pool in Atlantic City, which always sounds appealing.

My Biz Dev “Pearl of Wisdom”:

Never underestimate the power of comparison. Good decision makers – like potential clients – have to make comparisons when deciding who to go with. Look at the issues through their eyes – and understand what you are being compared against!

You can follow Kevin’s narration of his life as a Scotsman in Philly on Twitter at @Krents


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