Setting the New Standard for Science

Storytelling meets story writing

How do you tell a story of ongoing innovation to guide the next chapter?

The Client


When the COVID-19 pandemic first erupted, Biomeme was ready. With a background in controlling the spread of viruses and protecting global healthand a user-friendly, ultra-portable platformBiomeme joined the race to be part of the solution.

As the emergency phase of the COVID pandemic started to wind down, Biomeme began looking ahead again. What would the next emergency look like? And how could Biomeme respond?

The Challenge

Set the controls for the heart of healthcare!

With roots in field research, biosecurity, and mobile-readiness, Biomeme needed a brand that reflects its  mission—and the potential to create an even larger impact.

With its sights set on the very frontier of global health, and a goal of revolutionizing clinical care, Biomeme needed to make massive moves:

  • Help define a new paradigm in diagnostics—host response
  • Position its technology as the new standard
  • Inform and educate the public
  • Credential its platform and people with clinicians and experts
  • Excite and attract partners and early adopters

Biomeme needed a creative partner who could help them tell the story of who they are, where they’ve been, and especially where they’re going.

The Goal

Making sure anyone, anywhere can understand the brand and its benefits. 

We’re no molecular biologists–and that’s the point. Biomeme’s purpose and its platform are based on a simple premise: to empower anyone, anywhere, to understand the biological world.

Biomeme's Franklin Thermocycler

What Challenges Did We Face?

Focusing the story to reach the right audience

Working closely with the Biomeme team, we developed a new brand built around anticipating this change in our collective approach to global health.

If the heart of the brand is Biomeme’s breakthrough product and technology, the soul is its commitment to improving global health and healthcare. 


Amplifying and refining the product story

Then we got to work highlighting the time-saving, space-saving, and life-saving Franklin ISP thermocycler—a laboratory-quality device smaller than your average toaster oven.


Developing thought leadership

Finally, we developed a powerful content marketing plan that established Biomeme as a thought leader and positioned the company at the forefront of the healthcare paradigm shift.

How’d We Do That?

Creating a framework that grows with the evolution

Biomeme had many audiences and use cases—from protecting against biosecurity concerns to ensuring environmental health. But that organization scheme proved unwieldy: as technology and audiences evolved, it became confusing to try to separate product lines and messaging.

We realized that the Biomeme brand, which is built on making things beautifully simple, needed some simplified product messaging, too. Instead of focusing on audiences, we could allow the product cycle to determine the messaging: Now, Next, Future.

Now: Biowarfare Agent Detection, Vector Surveillance 

This category is what’s “on the shelf”, and uses the most direct, tactical messaging. Audiences include the Department Of Defense, other US state/local/federal agencies, ITAR-approved governments, and field researchers. 

Next: Isothermal, STI Detection

Items in this product cycle are still in R&D, clinical trials, or going to market. Here, we focus on speaking to professional partners—pathologists, lab consultants, lab owners, hospital labs, and so forth. Rather than direct sales, we’re encouraging them to sign up to become an early adopter, put Biomeme’s products to the test, and stay up to date with the pipeline.

Future: Host Response

This is the loftiest category, but still grounded in real-world science and healthcare needs. Here’s where we speak to healthcare providers, military hospitals, health systems, and clinics, encouraging them to become a research collaborator and/or pilot site. All Biomeme’s thought leadership pieces and news about pioneering breakthroughs belong here, but the tone is inviting, not boastful: Biomeme is helping define the field. Join us!

Products currently under development and not approved/cleared by the FDA.

EK has been an invaluable partner for us. Their strategic expertise has helped us elevate our brand and communicate our unique vision of global health, not to mention driving lead generation.

Tom Cook

Director of Marketing & Product Marketing

The Result

We helped Biomeme reframe their purpose-driven mission to be in line with—and a complement to—their innovative disease diagnostics so that they will stand as a beacon in the transformative era of diagnostics. As a result, they are leading the revolution of diagnostic medicine.

Now for the next move: go to market and get the word out. It’s time to take the future of healthcare out of the lab and into the public eye.

We have a close working relationship with the EK team that makes them feel like an extension of our own internal team.

Tom Cook

Director of Marketing & Product Marketing