How to Gain Insight Into What Users Want from Your Website

The best way to create and maintain an effective website is to understand how potential users interact with it. If you know what your target audience wants and needs, you can deliver content that engages and impresses them. To maximize your marketing efforts, try a few of these tips to gain insight into what your users want from your website.

Track Responses to Calls to Action

Measuring the response to your call to action helps you maximize your marketing dollars and better understand your website users.

The calls to action on your website represent one of your most valuable assets in terms of tracking user behavior. If you know the number of website visitors who click on those links, you can better measure reader engagement and user interest.

Try implementing different call-to-action wording on various pages of your website. You’ll better understand how your marketing efforts are working if you know which types of wording solicit the most enthusiastic responses. You’ll also gain insight into the topics that interest your target audience the most.

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Pay Attention to Bounce Rates

High bounce rates indicate that your content either doesn’t interest your website’s users or that it frustrates them. In the former category, you might need to freshen your headlines or make the content more appealing to your target demographic. If frustration proves to be the culprit, you might need to improve navigation or make your content’s thesis clearer.

No website will enjoy a 0 percent bounce rate. However, if you can reduce the bounce rate and keep users on the page longer, you increase your brand awareness, improve your user retention, and gain the opportunity to engage with users for longer periods of time. An effective marketing strategy keeps users on the page.

Additionally, improving the bounce rate will keep your brand on the minds of visitors. As they consider their options, your name and logo will spring to mind because they’ve spent time engaging with your content.

Give Mobile Users Some Consideration

If you aren’t thinking about mobile users, you could be missing out on delivering great user experiences.

An increasing number of Internet users access websites from their smartphones and tablets rather than from their computers. When potential students, donors, or customers access your website on their mobile devices, they have special needs, such as responsive design. If your website doesn’t cater to those needs, they’ll click away out of frustration or boredom.

Research statistics about your target demographic’s Internet habits and track mobile access rates on your website. You’ll gain insight into how your users access your content so you can better serve their needs. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to optimize your website for mobile viewers. There’s no reason to exclude potential customers, no matter how many of them there are.

Effective marketing requires organizations to understand how users interact with their content. To learn more about how to capture users’ attention, increase conversions, and improve your website’s engagement factor, contact us today.

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