Meet Matthew Edwards – eCity’s Sr. Interactive Designer

Matthew joined eCity in May of this year and has already moved our design process and aesthetic forward. We’re excited for his vision in revamping our own site as well as leading the charge on redesigns for our clients.

Matthew Edwards - Web Designer

My Daily Routine at eCity

My day at eCity usually begins with a big cup of coffee and a quick scan of blogs and the news (no use working in a vacuum, is it?). Following that, my day is a little different everyday. Depending on my current projects and their respective stages, I could be starting the day off with some brainstorming or sketching, wireframing, concepting, page design, a little css, revisions, discussions with our developers, or simply catching up on emails. This list goes on, but suffice to say, there’s never an ordinary day.

My Resume at a Glance

I’ve been a professional graphic designer for almost ten years now, with a few odd years experience in bookbinding and printmaking as well. After graduating from Towson University in 2010 I relocated from Baltimore, MD to Philadelphia, PA where I worked as a designer at J2 Design Partnership until parting ways earlier this year to come join the team at eCity!

If I had a week off, I’d spend it…

In an ideal world, with endless resources, I’d spend it in Iceland hanging out with seals or in Scotland, on an endless string of distillery tours. However, I’ve been packing for two weeks, planning for a move across the city, and I think what I’d most like to spend an entire week doing right now is anything but that.

Favorite Movie

The Sandlot

My Pearl of Design Wisdom

It might seem like an obvious one, but as mentioned above, don’t create in a vacuum. Always stay inspired and make sure your sources of inspiration (whatever they may be; and they really could be ANYTHING) are overflowing, ever-changing, and at least a little unfamiliar.

Follow Matthew’s love of indie pop music and other inspirations on Twitter: @poolhoneys

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