The Top Challenges Business School Recruiters Face

If you’re in the business school recruitment field, you know that the last few years have been hard. As the business job market tightens and professional recruiters look to fields other than the traditional MBA, many students are turning away from MBA programs. This means that business schools need to get creative in their ability to connect with prospective students. How can you overcome some of the top challenges of business school recruiters?

Highlight Your Business School Rankings and Results

There’s no doubt about it: business school students are all about the numbers. They want to see information on your website that shows how your MBA program leads to results. Highlight the number of past students employed who are gainfully employed, but go deeper as well. Look at who’s employed where, and develop profiles of current and past students so that prospective students can see who attends and where they go after completing their MBA. If there are internships available or if you partner with companies who actively recruit from the business program, reassure potential students about their employment prospects by highlighting these partnerships on your website.

Create a Real Connection

It’s not just the end result of the MBA that matters, it’s the knowledge your students gain while they’re on campus. Using video, audio, and immersive experiences, develop website tools that allow your prospective students to step into life as an MBA student. Talk with professors, create interviews with past students about how the program changed them, and take your students on a walk through the campus to get a better feel for things. Apps that walk students through campus or virtual reality tours give prospective students a sense of the weather, the location, and the community around your campus. The more connected your prospective students feel, the more likely they are to attend your university.

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Highlight Your Diversity

Today, students are looking for programs that offer a little bit more. Whether you offer course work in a specific specialty area of business, internships with prominent companies, or the ability to combine distance and online learning with intensive in-person courses, you need to highlight those unique offerings to your prospective students. Show them what makes your university, your campus, and your business school unique. Give your them a good sense of the demographics in your program as well, highlighting the diverse experiences of women, minorities, and parents in your tours. Illustrate these points in person and online through virtual reality tours and apps that provide these details during a walk through on campus.

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