Your Journey Through HubSpot Certification

inbound certification Kevin Renton

A big part of implementing HubSpot in your organization is getting everyone on the team HubSpot certified. You might be new to inbound marketing and SEO or you might be a seasoned professional, but if you want to make the most of your content marketing strategy and squeeze the most out of your HubSpot platform, don’t skip the certification steps on your journey. Even if you are using a partner to help you implement your HubSpot inbound marketing campaign, it is still important to get your own key stakeholders involved so they can be a part of building the strategy.

What are the Certifications?

  • Inbound Certification

    The Inbound Certification includes twelve online video classes that cover the basics of the inbound methodology. This is a good place to start as it gives you a thorough overview of inbound best practices. I would recommend that all major stakeholders and anyone in your organization who will be participating in your inbound marketing efforts gets certified. It’s quick and shows your team is serious about making an impact.

  • HubSpot Certification

    The HubSpot Certification enables you to use the HubSpot platform to turn the methodology into a successful strategy. You’ll learn how to use HubSpot’s proprietary tools to create, optimize, and analyze content that works. The HubSpot onboarding process actually takes you through this process so whether you go at your own pace or work at the scheduled pace, you should get there.

  • HubSpot Partner Certification

    The HubSpot Partner Certification is really for agencies and takes you through the financial numbers of running an inbound market strategy. If you want to know your ROI for running an inbound campaign, this process will show you how to structure your marketing efforts.

  • HubSpot Design Certification

    The HubSpot platform allows you to create landing pages, calls-to-action, blogs, and email campaigns using your own design elements. The HubSpot Design Certification takes your web designers through the necessary steps and best practices for designing and creating killer content that visually engages your users.

What are the Benefits?

  • Speaking the Same Language

    Speaking the same language internally makes a huge difference. What are a MQL and SQL – and sorry, no it’s not an SQL database! Learning the language starts you on the path to gain more clarity on your strategy and efficiencies required to have a successful campaign.

  • It’s a Great Motivator

    Once a few start using the terminology and someone gets their first certification its amazing how everyone wants to keep up. It gives a chance for the team to empower themselves and take ownership of the process. Everyone can go at their own speed and success can be celebrated when it is achieved.

  • Getting to Grips with Best Practices

    It’s the small percentages that all add up – having CTAs in the right place at right time, removing navigation on landing pages – it all contributes to increasing your conversion rate. HubSpot certifications cover best practices for all aspects of creating an inbound marketing campaign so your team can get up to speed very quickly.

  • Commercial and Financial Awareness

    Right from the start you can start to look at your ROI and determine the outcomes that you’ll need for this to be a good investment. Working backwards through the numbers you can get to your target numbers for each stage pretty quickly. You then just have to deliver!

Whether you plan to use a partner agency or want to implement your inbound marketing strategy through HubSpot, the certifications have been tried and tested to get you there quickly and as efficiently as possible. There are a number of different resources depending on your learning style. Have fun and good luck!

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