Can Social Media Help Give Your Enrollment Marketing a Boost?

Colleges and universities can benefit from social media activity just like any other business. Students congregate on Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms to discuss their college choices and to connect with institutes of higher learning. If you’re interested in expanding your higher ed marketing, consider these reasons to develop a platform on social media.

You Can Re-Engage Students After They Click Away

student on smartphone

A social media retargeting campaign keeps your institution in the forefronts of potential students’ minds.

Retargeting refers to a marketing practice that involves reconnecting with visitors after they leave your website. A potential student might land on your site and spend a few minutes exploring the university’s main pages, then click away. A retargeting campaign keeps you in contact with those students.

Several retargeting options exist, but social media offers one of the most powerful methods. You can encourage students to complete their enrollment applications or advertise special higher education events, such as open houses and orientations.

Most facets of retargeting are automated, which means they don’t require any manual intervention on your part. Since most colleges and universities are pressed for time and money in terms of marketing, automated solutions make sense. Plus, retargeting continually reminds students of your presence.

You Can Target Students Who Spend Considerable Time on Social Media

Recent research suggests that more than 38 percent of students report using social media as a search tool while evaluating colleges and universities. While a greater number search Google and visit institutions’ websites, you can still target a specific group of potential students through social media.

College students use their smartphones and other mobile devices more frequently than other age groups and they maintain active social media accounts. If you incorporate social media into your higher ed marketing campaign, you’ll capture the attention of college students who might prefer to interact via social platforms.

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You Can Engage With Potential Students On Their Turf

high school student using smartphone

High school and college students often have phones in their hands and they’re constantly connected to social media.

Unlike older generations, high school and college students trust their social media experiences. They know how to navigate the technology and they respect institutions that care enough to engage with them online.

The best higher ed marketing strategies find out where the target demographic congregates, then finds ways to meet them there. While social media shouldn’t dominate your marketing efforts, it deserves attention because of your target demographic’s online habits.

Think of social media as a stepping stone. Students won’t enroll in school on Facebook or sign up for classes on Twitter, but they might learn they love your school because of how you engage with them on social platforms.

Creating a diverse higher ed marketing campaign takes effort and consists of multiple moving parts, which often includes social media. If you’re interested in taking your school into the social media sphere, contact us so we can set up a consultation.
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